What is the Purpose of Grace Community Church? 

Our purpose is to be a community of grace enabling people to know, live and serve Christ together. 

To what denomination does Grace Community Church belong? 

GCC belongs to the Presbyterian Church in America. The PCA is a relatively young denomination committed to the infallibility and authority of the Bible and the priority of the Great Commission, with roots in the biblical truths of the Reformation. 

What do people wear at Grace Community Church?

Do people wear suits, jeans, khakis or capris? Yes! In case you are wondering how most people are dressed –it is pretty broad: a lot of guys wear khakis or jeans and a polo or button up shirt and ladies wear jeans, pants, skirts, and dresses. Most importantly, we look forward to seeing you, not what you are wearing. Come as you are! 

What kind of worship does GCC have? 

We believe worship is honoring and delighting in God through music, video, prayer and the teaching of the Word. Our service features a blend of hymns and praise songs, personal testimonies and media in order to provide a rich and meaningful time of worship.

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