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gospel renewal

Gospel renewal is a brand new resource from Pastor Jim Danner. You can download it as a free PDF to read on your tablet or computer. 

"Every problem we have in the Christian life is due to our lack of remembering the Gospel, not as a result of cheap Grace."

- Pastor Jim Danner

Click here for your free download.

Who are we?

Gospel - The Gospel is for the lost and the found. As we experience God’s unfathomable love, we are transformed, set free and empowered to love well.

Community - We believe that Christ-followers can Experience the Gospel and Export the Gospel best when deeply involved in community. Community Groups are where you can develop authentic friendship and experience the “one anothering” that is crucial to grow and thrive. 

Reformed - We believe that the Reformed faith is the best expression of biblical truth.

Simple - Not about programs, about making disciples .Not about coming to church, about being the church. Not about complicated ecclesiology, about following Jesus

Missional -Gospel Mission only happens when Gospel Worship has produced authentic and loving Gospel Community.

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